About ACSA

Who We Are

The mission of the Association of California School Administrators is to advocate in the best interests of students and to develop, empower and inspire equity-minded educational leaders.

The Association of California School Administrators is the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the United States, serving more than 17,000 California educators.

ACSA’s top priority is advocating for public school students in kindergarten through grade 12, as well as adult learners. Our mission is to be the driving force of education in California and beyond.

Administrators in California had long talked of forming an umbrella organization that encompassed their varied professional functions. Formed in July, 1971, ACSA became the first operative united administrator organization in the nation.

Since ACSA’s inception, administrator associations in 39 states have moved toward some form of consolidated or umbrella organization. ACSA is the only association in the nation that encompasses the broad spectrum of the management/leadership team.

ACSA serves administrators in 19 regions throughout California, each made up of local charters.

ACSA Leadership

2023-2024 Board of Directors


Parvin Ahmadi
Superintendent, Castro Valley USD, R-6

Rafael Plascencia

Rafael Plascencia
Director of Personnel, Tustin USD, R-17

Daryl Camp

Vice President
Daryl Camp
Superintendent, San Lorenzo USD, R-6

ACSA Vice President for Legislative Action Gina Potter

Vice President for Legislative Action
Gina Potter
Superintendent, San Ysidro ESD, R-18

ACSA Vice President Erin Simon.

Past President
Erin Simon
Assistant Superintendent, Student Support Services, Long Beach USD, R-14

Board Members

  • Jim Cloney
    Superintendent, Shasta UHSD, R-1
  • Peter Towne
    Principal, Wheatland Elementary, Wheatland ESD, R-2
  • Laura Butler
    Principal, Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Sacramento City USD, R-3
  • Lisette Estrella-Henderson
    Superintendent, Solano COE, R-4
  • Diego Ochoa
    Superintendent, San Mateo-Foster City USD, R-5
  • Sonja Neely-Johnson
    Interim Associate Superintendent/CAO, West Contra Costa USD, R-6
  • Scott Nanik
    Superintendent, Bret Harte UHSD, R-7
  • Roxane Fuentes
    Superintendent, Berryessa USD, R-8
  • Efrain Guizar
    Content Coordinator, Fresno COE, R-9
  • Shawn Tennenbaum
    Superintendent, San Benito HSD, R-10
  • Donya Ball
    Superintendent, The Academies Charter Management Org, R-11
  • Mauricio Arellano
    Superintendent, San Bernardino City USD, R-12
  • Rene Rickard
    Chief Innovation Officer, Ventura USD, R-13
  • Dustin Seemann
    Assistant Superintendent, Beverly USD, R-14
  • Julie Olesniewicz
    Assistant Superintendent, Education Services, Claremont USD, R-15
  • Michael Payne
    Principal, Fullbright Avenue Elementary, LAUSD, R-16
  • Leisa Winston
    Superintendent, Huntington Beach City ESD, R-17
  • Tracy Thompson
    Executive Director, San Diego COE, R-18
  • Terrence Davis
    Superintendent, Banning USD, R-19

Board Directors At-Large

  • Jason Provence
    Superintendent, Cascade UESD, R-1
  • Blanca Cavazos
  • Katherine Castleberry
    Principal, Lincoln Elementary, Torrance USD, R-14
  • Julie Vitale
    Superintendent, Oceanside USD, R-18

Staff Directory

Executive Department

  • Courtney Adams, Administrative Coordinator
  • Lori Allred, Executive Associate
  • Marjorie Burghgraef, Senior Director, Human Resources
  • Claudette Harter, Human Resource Coordinator
  • Bonnie Smith, Senior Human Resources Generalist
  • Kristy Tinsley, Board and Internal Operations Administrator
  • Edgar Zazueta, Executive Director

Marketing and Communications

  • Emily Agpoon, Communications Coordinator
  • Naj Alikhan, Senior Director, Communications
  • Michelle Carl, EdCal Editor
  • Michael Kelly, Multi-Media Strategist
  • Stephen Long, Design and Organizational Brand Coordinator
  • Gianna Miller, Communications Content Specialist
  • Tracy Olmedo, CareerConnect Coordinator
  • Media/News Inquiries

Professional Learning

  • Tracie Noriega, Sr. Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Professional Learning Services
  • Kory Adams, Event Sponsorship and Marketing Coordinator
  • Danelle Buckley, Director, Events & Operations
  • Julia Cash, Senior Credential Coordinator
  • Elaine Cervantez, Meeting and Event Planner
  • Trish Elmore, Professional Learning Coordinator
  • Janaye Field, Learning and Development Director
  • Crystal Flores, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Professional Learning Services Coordinator
  • Joanne Flowers, Registration and Customer Service Specialist
  • Mary Gomes, Educational Services Executive
  • Audrey Harmon, Credential Coordinator
  • Christina Hochleitner, Assistant Credential Program Director
  • Nawara Shamshad, Professional Learning Services Operations Coordinator
  • Tamerin Tooker, Credential and Coaching Services Director
  • Anthony Robinson, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Information Technology

  • Vacant, Head of Information Technology Operations
  • Cedric Burgess, Network Administrator
  • Josh Peterson, Web Manager
  • Arnaldo Rivera, Association Management System Manager
  • David Vera, Senior Systems Administrator

Financial Services

  • Claire Cordell, CFO, Senior Director, Financial Services
  • Natalie Dunbar, Accounting Operations Director
  • Jenny Huang, Accounts Receivable Manager
  • Jonathan Godinez-Esquivel, Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Raquel Machado, Staff Accountant
  • Sanieh Navabpour, Staff Accountant
  • Tracy St. Dennis, Senior Controller
  • Talia Torres, Junior Accountant

Member Services

  • Stephanie Bernardo, Member Relations Specialist, serving members M-R
  • Carlota Cabrera, Membership Operations Director
  • Margarita Cuizon-Armelino, Deputy Executive Director
  • Joanne Godfrey, Member Support Program Director
  • Alexis Heath, Partnership Liaison
  • Pearl Iulio, Member Relations Specialist, serving members S-Z
  • Jován López, Member Relations Specialist, serving members F-L
  • Alice Petrossian, Partnership Executive
  • Simon Wong, Member Relations Specialist, serving members A-E
  • Vacant, Executive Assistant

Governmental Relations

  • Megan Baier, Legislative Advocate
  • Suzanne Caffrey, Member Advocacy and Engagement Coordinator
  • Iván Carrillo, Senior Director, State and Federal Governmental Relations
  • Dorothy Johnson, Legislative Advocate
  • Serette Kaminski, Legislative Advocate
  • Phillip Miranda, Legislative Assistant
  • Kristy Tchamourian, Legislative Associate
  • Diana Vu, Legislative Advocate

Membership Recruitment Team

  • Debbie Burke, Member Recruiter, Region 18
  • Vacant, Membership Recruiter, Region 3
  • Penny Fraumeni, Membership Recruiter, Region 15
  • Sherman Garnett, Membership Recruiter, Region 12
  • Jonathon Brunson, Membership Recruiter, Region 4
  • Jose Morales, Membership Recruiter, Region 11
  • Fernando Elizondo, Membership Recruiter, Region 10
  • Maryalice Alberg Owings, Membership Recruiter, Region 19
  • Bob Lee, Membership Recruiter, Region 7
  • Alice Petrossian, Membership Recruiter, Region 16
  • Felton Owens, Membership Recruiter, Region 5
  • Alice Petrossian, Membership Recruiter, Region 13
  • Anne Welsh-Treglia, Membership Recruiter, Region 17
  • Vacant, Membership Recruiter, Region 4
  • Charlene Lemons-Shivers, Membership Recruiter, Region 14

Member Assistance & Legal Support Team

  • John Almond, Member Assistance Advocate
  • Sharon Dezutti, Member Assistance Advocate
  • Joe Jones, Member Assistance Advocate
  • Janet Morey, Member Assistance Advocate
  • Gary Rutherford, Member Assistance Advocate
  • Bill Tschida, Member Assistance Advocate
  • Lloyd Wamhof, Department Support