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ACSA Regions 1-19

ACSA's 19 regions divide the state geographically, allowing the voices of members to be heard at the local level. Each region elects officers who serve as representatives on the state Leadership Assembly.

Regions offer networking opportunities, professional development and programs tailored to meet local needs.

Within each region are smaller charters, which give ACSA its grassroots strength. Charters can be geographical in nature or focus on specific membership types, such as aspiring administrators or retirees.

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Region & Charter Events

Region & Charter Events

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Region Staff

Region Staff Directory

Region 1

Kenny Richards, Ed.D.
(707) 826-5886
Cell (707) 498-2791

Region 2

Judy Bennett
(530) 680-0357

Region 3

Emilie Simmons
(530) 304-4419

Region 4

Robert Phillips
(707) 330-7734

Region 5

John Nazar

Region 6

Rose Lock
Executive Director
(925) 487-2271

Steve Collins
(510) 847-1936

Region 7

Mary Ann Sanders
(209) 523-2353

Region 8

Eric Andrew

Region 9

Malati Gopal
(559) 790-0711

Region 10

Matt Bell

Region 11

David Tonini
(559) 280-6228

Region 12

Bill Olinger
(909) 796-6050
Cell (951) 317-4153

Region 13

Richard Malfatti, Ed.D.
(805) 207-3287

Region 14

Mary Ann McCuistion
(714) 904-0793

Region 15

Michael Seaton
(818) 681-0923
Fax (818) 846-5824

Region 16

Moohay Ahn Choe
(818) 998-3484

Region 17

Carol Hansen
(562) 577-2011

Wendy Rincon
Administrative Assistant
(714) 668-7980

Region 18

Tom Teagle
Executive Director/Consultant
(619) 719-2965

Stephanie Napier
Administrative Assistant
(619) 855-5201

Region 19

Jennette Harper
(909) 522-7274
Cell (909) 522-7274

Region Resources

Resources for Region Leadership

Planning and Reporting Template

Leadership Training

  • Leadership Manual
    View and download the complete Leadership Manual; view the Region section for all training materials
  • For all 2022-23 training materials, please login to your member profile and click "Member Resources"

Community Engagement Resources

Tools of the trade for building community engagement in your schools and neighborhoods.

Social Media Toolkit

Toolkit with helpful information to assist you in setting up and using social media.

Travel Reimbursement Form & Instructions

Download the current form with updated guidelines and instructions.

Financial Forms & Documents

View and download reporting information and requirements for regions.

ACSA Region Employment Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to provide context surrounding the employment relationship of paid ACSA region staff and serve as a resource for both region leaders and employees.

Awards Program

Find up to date resources on the ACSA Awards Program, as well as an archive of past winners.


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