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Having a political action fund is vital for ACSA members to have a direct line to the state Legislature when it comes to advocating for students. ACSA’s PACs are assets that, when used in coordination with policy advocacy, are extremely effective.

With the political climate in the nation and the upcoming presidential election at the forefront of the American collective consciousness, some may be asking “What can I do?” and “Where does my voice…
Independent expenditures, or IEs, are a very effective way to move an organization’s political agenda forward. This article will define independent expenditure, give you several examples of IEs and…
A big part of ACSA’s political clout comes from our PAC – but don’t worry, getting caught up to speed is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Welcome to the first in our series about ACSA members where we spotlight how our members engage politically across California. #ACSAadvocates

ACSA PAC ensures our members voices’ are heard at the political level; it provides a seat at the table for educational leaders to ensure that their voices are heard on policy issues affecting all of California's 6.2 million students.

Donating to ACSA PAC is a great way to support the work that ACSA is doing across the state. This coming year we will have many opportunities to stand up for children, and donating to ACSA PAC is one of them!


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Political Affairs and Strategy